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LSI London Study Trip

We are representatives of LSI in London England.

For several years, our students have had the opportunity to study at one of the best institutes in England: Language Studies International (LSI). Its mission is to ensure that students from all over the world are able to speak, live and feel like a British native. For this, they offer a course with official certification where they are grouped according to the level of each student and where they share their experiences and enrich the learning process. In addition, the course aims for students to live with native English families who, in turn, help make the English language more fluent since they have to talk with them all the time.

Here we leave you some of the experiences of the students who were able to take the study trip and managed to improve their English.

English courses

London 2023

The students together with the teachers tour the city of London, Brighton and all its history and magic, while taking the course at the LSI.

After completing the course, they receive their official certificates.

London 2018/2019

Some of our Intermediate Aduts level students participate in the group class along with other students from different parts of the world!

English courses
English courses
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